Low Life Guide to Fitness - MOSH FIT

Before I moved to Brooklyn, I used to be on the hunt for "alternative"  types of exercise. In high school I bought a picture book online called "Punk Rock Aerobics" which was an instructional work-out guide to a live class that took place in Boston (I lived on the west coast at the time, so attending IRL wasn't really a possibility). It consisted of black and white photos of people in cool outfits doing punk themed workout moves. This vital piece of media was the gateway to my strange workout DVD/VHS/book/record collection. Thrift stores in the early 00s had a great selection of Jane Fonda on vinyl. 

This path I was on eventually led me to Punk Rope, "a mash-up of jump rope, schoolyard fitness, and rock ā€˜nā€™ roll," This is a current and ongoing program here in NYC and they have recently brought back Mosh Fit at Otto's Shrunken Head on Tuesdays from 6-7pm.

"Taught by Punk Rope founder, Tim Haft, MoshFit is a blend of fun and creative bodyweight exercises fueled by an ever-changing punk rock soundtrack." 

I find myself completely exhausted by the mere act of living and getting around NYC, so organized fitness isn't always a priority for me these days. I'm not even motivated to reach for a Kathy Smith or Billy Blanks VHS tape that I digitized and saved as a .MOV file on my lap top! Mosh Fit has provided an appropriate environment in which I can wear my 80s leotards under a Descendents t-shirt and that's pretty exciting even if working out isn't. 

Oh, fun facts: one of the creators of Punk Rock Aerobics and I met at a Rock n Roll Camp for Girls planning convention and one of the "fitness models" from the book and I ended up in the same UCB improv class last year. NYC is a wacky place. 

Check out http://www.punkrope.com/moshfit/ for more info